Sleep Hygiene: Helpful Hints to Help You Sleep

Sleep Hygiene: Helpful Hints to Help You Sleep:

Don’t take your worries to bed. Leave your worries about job, school, daily life, etc., behind when you go to bed. Some people find it useful to assign a “worry period” during the evening or late afternoon to deal with these issues.

Bagian yang di atas kadang gampang-gampang susah. Hehehe

Reserve the bed for sleep and sex.Don’t use the bed as an office, workroom or recreation room. Let your body “know” that the bed is associated with sleeping.

Yah mau gimana lagi, memang gw hidup di kost-kostan. Satu-satunya tempat yang paling nyaman untuk melakukan semua aktifitas, ya di tempat tidur. Tapi tentunya sex tidak masuk hitungan, karena gw belum nikah :P